Menu / Food



Served every weekday from 2 PM and during weekends from 12 PM


- PM:s ecological potato chips with truffle emulsion  
- Chips of parsnip, served with lightly smoked sour cream and powder of dill. 
- PM´s crisp bread with dipping sauce of the day 

45 SEK per snack 

Bröd & Sovel´s smörrebröd 
1 pcs – 39 SEK, 2 pcs – 75 SEK, 3 pcs – 110 SEK

Main courses: 

Toast of levain bread from our bakery with chèvre, served with a crispy salad, pickled rhubarb and
rhubarb crudité, honey from our own hive and roasted hazelnuts – 79 SEK

PM:s shrimp sandwich of levain bread from Bröd & Sovel, served with ecological egg, homemade mayonnaise, red onion, dill and lemon
125 SEK

Pulled pork á la PM & Vänner, made of pork from Olinge Farm and served with a salad of ecological cabbage from Solmarka Gård,
cucumber, silver onion and coriander flavoured with our own vinegar of last year´s harvest of elderflower, chiliemulsion and PM´s pommes frîtes – 179 SEK

Our hotels salad with warm smoked salmon from Klasamåla, served with ecological egg from Gårdsby, dressing of capers, crispy red onion, apple from Urshult, croutons of brioche, dill and lemon
179 SEK