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Served Monday – Friday from 2 PM and Saturdays from 12 PM. 


PM:s ecological potato chips
Choose between the following dip sauces:
Emulsion of black truffles or Crème flavoured with chilli from our greenhouse

Chips of parsnip from Botulf with lightly smoked sour cream and dill

Crème of cannellini beans with crispy rye-bread,herbs and fermented garlic (Vegan)

55 SEK each 


To share

Croquettes with mushrooms from Hällestad served with matured Swedish hard cheese
and chilli from our own garden 98 SEK

Our chefs selected charcuteries and cheeses, served with sourdough bread from our bakery,
Gordal olives marinated with lemon thyme and pickled vegetables from Solmarka Farm 168 SEK


Larger plates

PM:s shrimp sandwich with hand-peeled shrimps, served on levain bread from Bröd & Sovel,
ecological egg, planed red onion, mayonnaise, lemon and dill 149 SEK

Soup of  white asparagus served with ginger pickled white asparagus, rhymed cucumber, celeriac, sago pearls and roasted almonds (Vegan) 159 SEK

Lightly smoked salmon from Klasamåla served with a low-temperatured egg from Gårdsby,
sautéed spinach, planed horseradish, an emulsion of lemon, apples and light herbs 229 SEK

PM:s ecological hamburger served in a roasted brioche bread with aioli, crispy salad,
tomato, pickles, matured cheddar, bacon from Karlsfälts Farm and our own ”tripple” frîes 219 SEK

Salted brisket of veal with carrots from Botulf, a crème of parsley, potatoes boiled in broth,
jus with dill flavoured with honey from our own hive 189 SEK

Salad with crispy romaine salad, confit of rooster thigh from Dalby, lightly pickled yellow beets,
kohlrabi, lemon dressing, grated parmigiano, roasted brioche and dill 189 SEK



PM:s caramel tarte 75 SEK

Pastry Chef Jon ́s chocolate dessert served in a glass with salt caramel and pecan nuts 89 SEK

Truffles and chocolates 19 SEK/pce

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