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Served Monday – Friday from 2.30 PM and Saturdays from 12 PM. 


PM’s ecological potato chips

Choose between the following dip sauces: Smoked chili emulsion or a mayonnaise flavoured with truffle

Chips of parsnip from Botulf with lightly smoked sour cream

59 SEK each 


To share

Carpaccio of ecological beets from Solmarka Gård, served smoked feta cheese,
a raspberry gelé, cold pressed rapeseed and crispy fennel 139 SEK

Our chefs selected charcuteries and cheeses, served with pickled vegetables,
marinated olives and pan-fried levain bread 179 SEK


Larger plates

PM’s shrimp sandwich (100g) on newly baked levain bread, ecological egg from Gårdsby,
mayonnaise, lemon, red onion and dill 169 SEK

Soup of pumpkin from Botulf, cocos with roasted hazelnuts, salad of apples and fennel 179 SEK

Salad of crispy romaine tossed in a crème flavoured with honey from our own hive,
warm-smoked salmon, baked ecological egg from Gårdsby, yellow beets pickled with
mustard seeds, apple from Urshult, sourdough croutons and dill 199 SEK

PM’s ecological hamburger served in a brioche bun from Bröd & Sovel with bacon
from Karlsfälts Gård, matured cheddar, tomato, pickles from our own garden, dijonaise,
salad, red onion and PM:s pommes frîtes 239 SEK

Homemade lightly smoked sausage of pig from Kronobergs Kött, served with bacon
and matured hard cheese, choucroute of ecological cabbage, fennel, dried local apples,
a crème of mustard, fried spring onion and parsley 219 SEK



Our confectionery’s dessert of sea buckthorn served in a glass with roasted
macadamias and a caramel mousse 99 SEK

Tarte of local apples with newly made vanilla sauce 79 SEK

Truffles and chocolates 19 SEK/pce

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