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Served Monday – Friday from 2 PM and Saturdays from 12 PM. 


– PM:s ecological potato chips with an emulsion of black truffle 
– Chips of parsnip from Botulf with lightly smoked sour cream and dill
– Crispy rinds of pork with powder of mushrooms from the region

55 SEK each 


Smaller plates

Pickled herring with onions from our local farmers, served with a crème of browned onion, pan-fried
egg from Gårdsby, rye bread from Bröd & Sovel, sour cream, red onion, chives and watercress 129 SEK

Blackened sirloin of elk with a variation of parsnip from Solmarka Farm, served with 
crispy green cabbage and a vinaigrette of preserved lingonberries and smoked cold pressed rapeseed oil 149 SEK

Toast of Chèvre on grilled levain, served with a salad of pickled pumpkin, purée of pumpkin, watercress, roasted
pistachio and a vinaigrette of honey from our own hive and rose hips 149 SEK

PM:s shrimp sandwich with hand-peeled shrimps, served on levain bread from Bröd & Sovel, served with
ecological egg, shaved red onion, mayonnaise, lemon and dill 149 SEK

Classical French onion soup served with brioche à part, gruyère and grated truffle from Gotland 159 SEK


Bigger plates

Pan-seared cod from Kattegatt with variation of cabbage from Botulf, served with a light
purée of celeriac and a sauce of lobster 250 SEK

PM:s ecological hamburger served in a roasted brioche bun with our own melted cheese, bacon from Karlsfälts Farm, crispy salad, tomato- and chutney of onion with lovage from our own greenhouse, smoked mayonnaise, 
shaved red onion and our own “tripple” pommes frites 219 SEK

Creamy lightly smoked durum with celeriac, a selection of kale from Solmarka Farm, pickled
pumpkin and grated truffle from Gotland 179 SEK

“PM:s emperor salad”
Salad with crispy romaine salad, confit of chicken thigh from Bosarp and semi-dried cherry tomatoes,
a dressing of capers, sardines, ecological eggs and matured parmesan, served with brioche croutons from
Bröd & Sovel and dried olives 189 SEK



Tarte of lingonberries with juniper meringue 75 SEK

Ericas dessert served in a glass with a compote of blackberries and pana cotta, served with lemon thyme
from our orangerie and a mousse of blackberries and almond tosca 89 SEK

Truffles and chocolate´s 19 SEK/pce

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