Hotel / Philosophy


This is a contemporary hotel where old definitions are erased and new boundaries created. World renowned architect Jonas Lindvall has created a unique landmark, the first of its kind where the gastronomic philosophy runs like a vein through each and every detail of the lavishly and tastefully designed hotel.

Sweden´s Grand lady of design Ingegerd Råman has created a sparse and elegant interior design where luxurious details like oak floors from the deep forests of Småland, to the limestone and marble bathrooms from Öland, to smaller details like limited edition wineglasses or sleek tableware plays an important part in the hotel´s scenery.

The gastronomic vein is clearly mirrored in the interactive menus, wine list and kitchen webcams on the gastronomy channel. If the fine selections in the minibar unique are not enough for your relaxed evening, there´s always a sommelier in charge that will fulfill your cravings for a rare taste experience.

Be prepared for the highest standards of gastronomic devotion and international service as well as unexpected encounters! The contemporary art exhibition in the garage, a full-fledged hedonist dinner at the rare sommeliers table in the wine archive or a visit to the city´s only rooftop greenhouse overlooking the vast swimming pool, will certainly leave an impression on even the most experienced traveler.

Beyond categories, exceeding expectations, this pioneering Gastro Hotel will certainly deliver nothing less but an experience extraordinaire.

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