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Cocktail Omakase

Gunroom cocktail omakase

Together with the bartender collective Bottles and our supplier Renbjer & Magnusson we welcome you to join us for a three hour cocktail-extravaganza with no boundaries or rules. Cicerones for the evening is Björn Kjellberg and Hampus Thunholm that during this evening will turn our garage to a bar in absolute world class. 

Omakase comes from the Japanese cuisine and means freely translated “Chef´s choice”. The difference this time that there is no chefs, instead there is bartenders onsite to serve cocktails, tell stories and entertain you in a three-star fashion. The menu for this evening is nine servings of various size (totally around 5 cocktails), a snack and a food serving. 

Björn Kjellberg, one of the founders of this concept elaborates:

“Cocktail Omakase can be compared to a tasting menu at a fine dining restaurant. All guests arrive at the same and get seated. Once there we serve water and menus for the evening. During the evening we serve one drink at the time in a comfortable tempo and mix it up with history and stories how the drink was invented, how it was made and why. Bottles plays a lot with expectations, names, ingredients and concept in our drinks and we try to move the boundary for what you as a guest is used to. What we never change though is that it needs to taste well, really well.”

The evening starts at 6 PM with all guests gathering at our Front Desk to be guided to our garage where the actual “tasting menu” is being served. 
For this evening the number of seats is limited to 16 guests where we apply first come first served rules. 

We offer the rolling package named “Omakase” which includes the follwing:
- Tasting menu as mentioned above “Gunroom Cocktail Omakase”
- Shared accommodation in room category Classic
- Breakfast served at TAK
- Access to sauna, pools and gym
– Wi-Fi 
Price: 1590 SEK per person
If you wish to attend only for the “Gunroom Cocktail Omakase” but not stay for the night that is also possible. The price to do so is 995 SEK per person. 

Contact our Front Desk to make a reservation, by e-mail  or by phone +46 470-75 97 00
Upon booking please let us know any allergies /dietary needs. 

A warm welcome to a unique evening with your friends at PM & Vänner Hotel!