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Oysters, Fine de Claires N°2 35 SEK/pce

A spoon of Carelian Caviar, 5 gr. with 2 cl ice cold Absolut Elyx,
a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic beverage 199/249 SEK

Bleak roe from Lake Vänern served“Swedish style”with brioche fried in butter and classical condiments 229 SEK

Rhymed salmon from Fröya with pumpkin and sea buckthorn
from Öland, pistachio nuts and cress 189 SEK

Soup of oxtail and red beets, served with a baked red beet, roasted hazelnuts
and a jelly of port wine 179 SEK
(Optional: grated truffle from Gotland 45 SEK)

Seafood croquettes with aioli of roasted garlic and lemon, served with endive,
cucumber rhymed with coriander and sesam seeds 229 SEK

 Steak tartare – classic style small/large 199/249 SEK
(Optional: oyster or bleak roe 35 SEK)



Open ravioli with salsify, parsnip and Brussels sprouts from Solmarka Farm,
pan-fried champignons and a sauce flavored with “1 Liter Ost” cheese from Amnäs 229 SEK 
(Optional: grated truffle from Gotland 60 SEK)

Oven-baked char with leek and a variation of Jerusalem artichokes, served with 
a vinaigrette of confit Porchini mushrooms 295 SEK
(Optional: grated truffle from Gotland 60 SEK) 

Steamed cod loin marinated in fennel, served with white root crups
from Botulf glazed in dil, a lobster jus and dill oil 329 SEK   

Leg of veal braised in white wine with a variation of cabbage from
Solmarka Farm and dried apple from Urshult, served with preserved 
mustard seeds and a light Calvados sauce 279 SEK

Crispy duck breast with white globe onions gratinated with
”Wrångebäck” cheese from Almnäs, served with a mild purée of onions,
Brussels sprouts, roasted chestnuts and a sauce flavoured with cherries 295 SEK

Tender Swedish sirloin steak with salad of mache, water cress and baket tomato,
served with tarragon butter and pommes frîtes 345 SEK



Three selected cheeses with nut bread 159 SEK

Crème Brûlée 99 SEK

Erica’s dessert in a glass with a compote of blackberries and pannacotta with
lemon thyme from our Orangerie, mousse of blackberries and almond tosca 89 SEK 

Chocolate pudding of Valhrona Manjari with caramelized pumpkin, sea buckthorn
ice cream and a warm sauce of fudge with ginger 139 SEK

Helena’s lingonberry tarte with meringue flavoured with juniper 75 SEK

PM´s chocolate gâteau (gluten- and lactose free) 79 SEK

Truffles and chocolate´s 19 SEK/pce

PM-chocolate with a glass of digestive uniquely selected by the sommeliers,
and a cup of freshly brewed coffee 149 SEK

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