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Oysters, Fine de Claires N°2 35 SEK/pce

A spoon of Carelian Caviar, 5 gr. with 2 cl ice-cold Absolut Elyx,
a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic beverage 199/249 SEK

Kalix bleak roe from Perssons in Piteå (30g) served with brioche fried in butter and classical condiments 269 SEK

Fröya salmon rhymed with lemongrass and served with black daikon from Solmarka Farm,
an emulsion of soy, coriander from our greenhouse and yuzu-vinaigrette 229 SEK

Pan-seared white asparagus with mâche salad, roasted walnuts, pickled oyster mushrooms,
vinaigrette of truffle and a warm emulsion of asparagus 199 SEK

Soup of Marianne’s nettles from the forest of Fylleryd, served with baked ecological egg yolk
from Gårdsby, crispy rillette of duck, croutons of sourdough bread and chervil from our garden 189 SEK

PM’s steak tartare flavoured with tarragon from our greenhouse, Cognac and sesame, 
served with a frissé salad and our pommes frîtes Small/Large 199/249 SEK
(Optional: oyster 35 SEK or Kalix bleak roe 65 SEK)



Open ravioli with a variation of carrots and yellow beets from Botulf, served with roasted
almonds and a light sauce of matured Grevé cheese 229 SEK

Pan-fried mackerel from Kattegatt Sea with a brandade of smoked whitefish,
marinated cucumber, yellow beets from Solmarka Farm and a vinaigrette of dill 279 SEK

Steamed cod from the Barents Sea, served with a variation of carrots from Botulf,
caper berries of elderflower from Odensjö, pickled onion and a light sauce of crayfish 329 SEK

Pan-seared lamb shank from the butcher in Appeltorp and blackened point cabbage,
a purée of cabbage and potatoes Lyonnaise with parsley and lamb jus 289 SEK
(Limited number of servings each evening)

Braised shoulder and deep-fried sweetbread of veal, served with terrine of turnip and ramson,
an emulsion of white asparagus, pickled mustard seeds and jus 325 SEK

Dry-aged Swedish sirloin with crispy mâche salad, watercress and baked yellow beets,
served with a butter flavoured with tarragon and PM’s pommes frîtes 365 SEK



Three selected cheeses 159 SEK

Crème Brûlée 99 SEK

Our Pastry Chef Jon ́s dessert served in a glass with ”kalvdans” of milk from Odensjö,
a compote of cloudberries an caramelized rye-bread 89 SEK

Pears boiled with ginger, served with a nougat mousse, meringue flavoured with
hazelnuts and ice-cream of goat milk from Fröset Dairy Farm 139 SEK

Helena’s tarte of sea buckthorns and meringue 75 SEK

PM’s chocolate gâteau (gluten- and lactose free) 79 SEK Truffles and chocolate’s 19 SEK/pce

PM-chocolate with a glass of digestive uniquely selected by the sommeliers, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee 149 SEK

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