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Oysters, Fine de Claires N°2 35 SEK/pce

Bleak roe from Lake Vänern served“Swedish style”with brioche fried in butter and classical condiments 229 SEK

Whole fried cauliflower from Botulf, served with quail egg from Lammhult, a crispy crunch of rye-bread and summer truffle 179 SEK

Cold-smoked salmon from Pålsson in Klasamåla with new potatoes marinated with herbs, served
with celery, roasted hazelnuts and an emulsion of white asparagus from the shore of LakeVättern 189 SEK

Blackened scallop with rhymed cucumber and cress mayonnaise, served with powan roe, elder from Odensjö and dill 209 SEK

Steak tartare – classic style small/large 199/249 SEK
(Optional: oyster or bleak roe 35 SEK)



Risotto with selected primeurs from our best farmers and matured Swedish hard cheese, served with a mild oil of lovage and our gardener Bibi’s herbs 239 SEK

Seared pike-perch with delicate beetroots from Solmarka Farm, served with summer chanterelles, jus of veal and pickled champignons 395 SEK

Oven-baked char with pan-fried broccoli from Botulf, a purée of broccoli, new potatoes and a 
vinaigrette of pickled lemon, hazelnuts and browned butter 279 SEK

Fried corn-fed chicken from Varmlösa with a purée of fresh corn, served with summer chanterelles,
pickled onion and a buttered bouillon of mushrooms 285 SEK

Tenderized sirloin steak from selected farms in Skåne, served with newly picked vegetables, PM’s pommes frîtes and Sauce Béarnaise 345 SEK



Three selected cheeses with nut bread 159 SEK

Crème Brûlée 99 SEK

Ingrids dessert served in a glass with a variation of raspberries, caramelized milk chocolate mousse
and a lightly salted crunch of oat and chocolate 89 SEK

“Strawberries 2017” marinated in elderflower jelly, served with a mousse of soured cream from
Löt Dairy Farm, white chocolate and strawberry sorbet 139 SEK

Our classical lemon tarte with meringue 65 SEK

PM’s chocolate gâteau (gluten- and lactose free) 79 SEK

Truffles and chocolate’s 19 SEK/pce

PM-chocolate with a glass of digestive uniquely selected by the sommeliers and a cup of freshly brewed coffee 149 SEK