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Oysters, Fine de Claires N°2 35 SEK/pce

A spoon of Carelian Caviar, 5 gr with a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic beverage 249/199 kr 

Bleak roe from Lake Vänern, served “Swedish style” with brioche fried in butter and classical condiments 219 SEK

Baked organic egg from Gårdsby, served with a warm emulsion of white asparagus,
roasted hazelnuts, the first herbs of spring from the forest and garden 169 SEK

Tartare of salmon from Fröya, served with spring onion, radishes from Solmarka Farm, lemon mayonnaise, sesame seeds and coriander 199 SEK

Terrine of rooster from Dalby and ethical and natural duck foie gras, served wit green asparagus, an emulsion of mushrooms and brioche 189 SEK 

Steak tartare with classical condiments small/large 199/249 SEK
(Optional: Add an oyster or bleak roe 35 SEK)



Open ravioli with white asparagus from the shore of Lake Vättern, served with green asparagus from
Gasslanda Södergård, a purée of silver onion, a light sauce of Gruyère and wild herbs from Marianne 229 SEK

Pan-seared mackerel from Skagerack with an egg and dill crème, served with pickled cucumber, salmon roe and new potatoes 269 SEK

Steamed plaice with the first primeurs of spring, served with a purée of point cabbage and a creamy sauce of crayfish 299 SEK

Baked pork belly from Olinge with a purée of silver onion, spinach, apple and a light sauce of apple cider 275 SEK

Six weeks tenderized sirloin of Angus from Friskatorpet, served with a salad of green asparagus 
and spring onion, a parsley and ramson butter and PM’s pommes frîtes 375 SEK



Three selected cheeses with nut bread 159 SEK

Crème Brûlée 99 SEK

Pastry Chef Jon’s dessert served in a glass with compote of strawberries, a mousse of mascarpone, 
white chocolate crunch, meringue and mint from our orangerie 89 SEK

Dome of rhubarb crème, lemon mousse of soured cream, served with a rhubarb sorbet 139 SEK

Our classical lemon tarte with meringue 65 SEK

PM’s chocolate gâteau (gluten- and lactose free) 79 SEK

Truffles and chocolates 19 SEK/pce

PM-chocolate with a glass of digestive uniquely selected by the sommeliers,
and a cup of freshly brewed coffee 149 SEK