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Oysters, Fine de Claires N°2 35 SEK/pce

A spoon of Carelian Caviar, 5 gr. with 2 cl ice-cold Absolut Elyx, a glass of champagne
or a non-alcoholic beverage 199/249 SEK

Kalix bleak roe from Perssons in Piteå (30g) served with brioche fried in butter and classical condiments 279 SEK

Blackened and lightly smoked scallop served with radish from Solmarka Farm, broccoli,
chips of dill and an emulsion of crayfish 229 SEK

White asparagus baked in butter with an air dried pork shoulder from Tollarp, served with
roasted Marcona almonds and a hollandaise of white asparagus and browned butter 239 SEK
(Optional: Summer truffle 50 SEK)

Terrine of rooster from Dalby and ethical foie gras, served with cress, pickled small onions,
a brioche flavoured with mushrooms and an emulsion of porcini 199 SEK

PM’s steak tartare flavoured with tarragon from our greenhouse, Cognac and sesame,
served with a frissé salad and our house pommes frîtes Small/Large 199/249 SEK
(Optional: oyster 35 SEK or Kalix bleak roe 65 SEK)



Risotto with white and green asparagus, cheese from Almnäs, served with oil of ramsons,
herbs from the forest and our garden 239 SEK
(Optional: Summer truffle 50 SEK)

Pan-seared mackerel from Kattegatt Sea, served with pan-fried green asparagus from Öland,
spinach from Solmarka, new potatoes tossed in lemon and dill and a vinaigrette flavoured
with crayfish 299 SEK

Steamed witch with spring primeurs and bleak roe, served with “Sandefjord butter”
flavoured with ramson from Öland 329 SEK

Pan-fried spring chicken from Munka Ljungby served with grilled little gem salad and primeurs,
pickled nettles, fried capers and a mayonnaise of white asparagus 289 SEK
(Please note this dish has a limited number of portions per evening)

Dry-aged Swedish sirloin with pan-fried asparagus and cheese from Almnäs,
served with blackened scallion, an emulsion of hazelnuts and PM’s pommes frîtes 375 SEK



Three selected cheeses 159 SEK

Crème Brûlée 99 SEK

Our Pastry Chef Jon’s dessert served in a glass with a variation of raspberries,
a milk chocolate mousse and a salt caramel crunch 98 SEK

Mousse of Mascarpone on a mazarin base, served with a rhubarb compote,
new made rhubarb sorbet and sweet cicely from our garden 139 SEK

Helena’s tarte of sea buckthorn with meringue 75 SEK

PM’s chocolate gâteau (gluten- and lactose free) 79 SEK

Truffles and chocolate’s 19 SEK/pce

PM-chocolate with a glass of digestive uniquely selected by the sommeliers, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee 149 SEK

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