Banquet & conference / Philosophy

A creative haven for lucrative brain storming and inspiring indulgence!

Bad coffee is the worst possible start of any day, but that won´t happen here as the team at PM banquet & conference is well enlightened about the fact that gustative pleasure is triggering creativity whether it´s about those fresh croissants for the morning session or vividly sparkling champagne with creative nibbles to summarize a fruitful workshop.

Each and every client´s individual needs are taken into consideration as this is not just another conference center, rather a creative lounge with the ambitions and service of a top notch restaurant.

Sparse and light design in combination with the latest technology is there to inspire and let you focus on your goals. And when you need intellectual nourishment the kitchen brigade has a great experience on how to deliver food for thought or just downright decadent pleasure.

The banquet offers solutions for all kinds of events to fulfill the guest’s wishes and exceed any expectations. The creative gastronomic team has a vast experience of composing unforgettable dinners ranging from small to very large groups. For this dedicated team there´s just no obstacles, only challenges that will be encountered with the greatest enthusiasm and gastronomic bravery.

The interplay of Nordic design, boutique gastronomy and highly devoted service is a darn good reason to give the team carte blanche in creating and embellish that special occasion.

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