Banquet & conference / Grill buffet



Soon spring and summer is here and what can be better than our famous grill buffet to celebrate warmer seasons? Just as perfect for the event at work as for the garden party and the graduation parties. We light up the charcoal grill either at our hotel our at your home. The concept is simple, you choose your favorites from the options listed below. 
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From the grill – Choose three items: 

Souvlaki of lamb, served with herbs from our own garden

Pork loin flavoured from Olinge Farm flavoured with sweet chili

Home made sausage of pork, served with matured hard cheese, bacon and pimentón 

Chicken skewers marinated in mustard 

Grillen salad with roasted pine nuts and matured hard cheese

Trout grilled with raw sugar and blackened lemon


PM:s potato salad with spring onion, capers and radish

Coleslaw with herbs from the garden

Smoked carrots from Solmarka Farm, sugar snaps, ecological feta cheese and sprouts 

Whole baked cauliflower with fava beans, grilled leek and roasted sunflower seeds

Salad from Sjöviks Farm with elderflower vinaigrette 

Dressing – Choose two items:

Pesto of hazelnuts 

Smoked BBQ sauce


An emulsion of white asparagus 

Dessert – Choose one item:

Ingrid´s rhubarb dessert served in a glass with lemon bavaroise, crunchy oat, Italian meringue and cicely

Pastry Chef Jon´s chocolate dessert served in a glass with brownie, salt caramel and pecan


Price: 325 SEK ex VAT