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Banquet & weddings 



If you’ve decided to get married, we´re here for you! Through our experience from planning and executing weddings, banquets and parties we want you to be able to relax. Our parole is that nothing is impossible. 

Start your gathering with a glass of champagne at one of our two terraces, afterwards we move to our banquet hall where our great chefs and service staff awaits. Our facilities can host up to 300 guests. 

We´re here for you from day one of planning until coffee and cake is served to the guests. 

Below you will find the two packages we offer especially for weddings, all for making things a bit less complicated for you. The menus are adjusted depending on the season, some ingredients may vary. 

Wedding package Classic:

Includes the following;

- Pre-dinner mingle with a glass of Cava 
- Three course dinner 
- Wine package 
- Wedding cake 
- Coffee/Tea
- Function space 
- Flower arrangements 
- Table setting 
- Service staff 

Price: 995 SEK per person incl VAT
Wedding package PM:

Includes the following;

- Pre-dinner mingle with a glass of Champagne  
- Appetizers 2 pcs 
- Five course dinner 
- Wine package 
- Wedding cake 
- Coffee/Tea
- Function space 
- Extended flower arrangement
- Table setting 
- Late night snack 
- Service staff 

Price: 1495 SEK per person incl VAT 


Grill Buffet 2017 

The menu listed below is an example of a regular grill buffet. We always have an ongoing dialogue with our suppliers regarding which ingredients that is in season and therefore we can sometimes exchange some dishes and/or some ingredients. 

We light up our charcoal grill, either at PM & Vänner Hotel or at your place. Then we prepare a grill buffet that´s definitely something extra. Below you can see what we serve this spring and summer where you also can pick your favorites. 

Always included: 

- Roasted broccoli with pickled beets from Solmarka Gård 
- Salad with whole baked cauliflower and grilled leek 
- Baby carrots with ecological feta cheese and chives 
- Crispy salad from Sjöviks Gård with silver onions and a vinaigrette of today´s harvest from our greenhouse
- PM´s creamy potato salad with capers and spring onion 

From the grill, pick three favorites: 

- Homemade sausage of pork from smoked pork belly and matured Gréve
- Marinated chicken leg with herbs from our greenhouse 
- Vegetables with chickpea, zucchini, red capers and baked red onion 
- Trout served with glaze of elderflower and grilled lemon
- Breast of veal glazed with bay leaf from our greenhouse 

Dressing, pick two favorites: 

- Aioli of fresh garlic from Botulf
- PM´s smoked salsa of ecological tomato
- Grilled aubergine with lemon and olives 

Sweet, pick one favorite: 

- Our Pastry Chef´s chocolate dessert served in a glass with salt caramel, brownie and pecan
- Jon´s rhubarb dessert with lemon bavaroise and meringue with cicely  

Price: 289 SEK per person ex VAT 



Perhaps it´s somebody’s birthday, maybe you’re planning a reunion or you’re responsible for your company´s staff party? Don’t worry, we got you covered! With our modern spaces that easily be modified to fit your event and gastronomy that is way and beyond we dare to promise you a successful function. 

No requests are impossible for us and we gladly help planning the event together with you. During the years we’ve co-operated with plenty of great people and companies. Therefore we can also assist you if you need some entertainment or a special theme. 

Below you will find a selection of the menus we offer at the moment. The menus are adjusted depending on the season, some ingredients may vary.

Banquet & weddings – Snacks / Canapés 
The snacks from till kitchen always varies depending on the season and which ingredients that is in season at the time. However, we always offer three different snacks; one vegetarian, one with fish/seafood and one with meat. 
90 SEK per person ex VAT 


Banquet – Three course menu
Menu 1

Variation of ecological carrots from Solmarka Farm and Savoy Cabbage marinated in orange juice, served with a terrine of natural duck liver, roasted sesame seeds and duck breast from Munka-Ljungby

Steamed skrie with cockle boiled in wine, served with deep-fried brandade, a cream of potatoes- and leek, beets from Botulf, crispy salad with pimentón and a beurre blanc of mussels 

Pastry Chef Jon´s dessert in a glass with a raspberry compote, served with a mousse of soured cream from Lot Dairy Farm and a chocolate crunch

399 SEK per person ex VAT 


Menu 2

Warm smoked walking catfish with a crème of apples from Urshult, ecological egg yolk from Gårdsby, a light foam of Jerusalem artichoke flavoured with chili from PM´s Chef Garden and dill

Tenderized sirloin from selected farms with baked beets and ecological onions from Solmarka Farm, served with a purée of celeriac, mushrooms from Hällestad and a sky of truffle

Our confectioners chocolate dessert with salt caramel, brownie and pecan

445 SEK per person ex VAT


Banquet – buffét
A taste of PM – the menu listed below is a sample menu. We continuously talk with our suppliers regarding which ingredients
that is in season at the time and therefore we sometimes change som dishes. 

Salmon with a variation of onion and spruce 

Terrine of pork from Ollinge Farm

Salsiccia from Åke in Tingsryd flavored with fennel

Baked turnip with Savoy Cabbage, dill and our own mustard

Roasted broccoli with yellow beets from Solmarka Farm

Carrots from Vassmolösa with chèvre and pesto of matured Swedish hard cheese and hazelnuts 

Cauliflower with roasted leek, served with rosemary and honey from our garden

Selection of crispy salad with a vinaigrette of elderflower

Dressing of ecological egg from Gårdsby, capers and preserved cucumber from our own garden

Pastry Chef Jon´s chocolate dessert served in a glass with brownie, salt caramel and pecan

395 SEK per person ex VAT